Seeing a Chiropractor: Finding Ways to Keep Your Pain Away

Worried About Difficult Births? Your Chiropractor Can Help

by Carlos Butler

A recent study found that 41% of women found labor easier than they had expected. However, statistics like this do little to calm your worries when you're awaiting your due date. Will you be one of the unlucky ones who are in labor for 36 hours? Will your baby be in the breech position, causing you excessive pain and a possible C-section? The best way to calm worries such as these is to take action. Visiting a chiropractor throughout your pregnancy is a great way to reduce your risk of a hard and painful labor.

Chiropractic care reduces anxiety.

When you're feeling anxious and stressed-out, as many women do during pregnancy, your body's levels of a hormone called cortisol increase. Cortisol can make labor more difficult, and also increases the risk of postpartum depression.

Most anti-anxiety medications are out of the question when you're pregnant, but chiropractic care offers a natural means of dealing with anxiety. By increasing brain activity and bringing balance back to the nervous system, regular chiropractic adjustments can relieve anxiety. This often translates to an easier labor, as well as a much happier pregnancy.

The Webster technique reduces the risk of breech births.

Once common reason for difficult and painful births is improper positioning of the baby for delivery. Breech babies are those who never turn around into the head-first position prior to labor. Giving birth to a baby rear-end first is much more difficult and painful than delivering a baby in the ordinary head-first position.

By performing a manipulation called the Webster Technique, chiropractors can encourage your baby to turn around into the proper position prior to labor, reducing your chances of a breech birth. The Webster Technique is simple and painless. It involves manipulating the ligaments that support the pelvis, so that less stress is placed on the uterus. The decrease in stress encourages the baby to turn.

Chiropractic care is safe for pregnant mothers and their babies.

Some mothers steer clear of chiropractic care when pregnant because they have heard rumors that it's not safe. However, these rumors are simply not true. Chiropractors are trained to adjust the spines of pregnant women in ways that allow the mother and baby to remain comfortable and healthy. Those who regularly treat pregnant women often have tables that are specifically designed to accommodate pregnant bellies.

Stop worrying about the possibility of a difficult labor, and take action today to reduce your chances of a difficult or painful birth. Visiting your chiropractor is safe, generally inexpensive, and completely natural. Your chiropractor will likely recommend regular adjustments once or twice per month during your pregnancy to keep you and the baby healthy, and ensure your birthing process is as seamless as possible. Contact a clinic such as Lincoln Chiropractic Center for more information.