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Do You Have A Child That Plays Sports? Help Them Avoid Back Injury With These Clever Tips

by Carlos Butler

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among young athletes. Up to 15-percent of all young athletes experience back pain. However, children who participate in certain types of sports, such as gymnastics and football, often report more instances of back pain than those who play other sports. In fact, up to 86-percent of rhythmic gymnasts experience back pain, according to a report published in "Sports Health." 

If your child plays sports, there is a chance that they will injure their back while participating. While you can't eliminate all the risks associated with playing sports, you can help your child avoid back injury with these clever tips.

Teach Them To Be Mindful of Their Movements

A great deal of back injuries are caused by improper technique. If you can teach your child to be mindful of their movements and move their body correctly while playing sports, they will be less likely to hyper-extend their spine or twist the wrong way. Since some back injuries are caused by some type of jarring impact, like that associated with jumping, it's also important for you to talk to your child about planting their feet correctly. If you're not sure how to instruct your child, have your school's athletic trainer talk to them about proper technique.

Encourage Them to Strengthen Core Muscles

Muscles found in the abdomen, back and hips are referred to as the core muscles. These muscles are responsible for movement, but they also help keep the spine aligned and stable. Strengthening these muscles is one of the best ways to prevent back injury. If your child does not have a strength training regimen, encourage them to start one. Have them focus on exercises that strengthen core muscles, such as squats and abdominal crunches.

Monitor Old Injuries with Frequent Chiropractic Visits

Back injuries are often chronic. What's more, once your child injures their back, they will be more susceptible to a subsequent injury. For this reason, it's vital that you keep your child's spine and back healthy with frequent chiropractic visits after any type of injury. With regular X-rays and alignments, your child will be less likely to suffer another injury. 

Back injuries are common among young athletes. However, there are things you can do to keep your child's back healthy and pain free. Encourage them to strengthen their core, use proper technique and follow up with their chiropractor regularly. If your child does these three things, they will be less likely to suffer from back injuries and chronic pain. 

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