Seeing a Chiropractor: Finding Ways to Keep Your Pain Away

How A Chiropractor Can Help Ease A Herniated Cervical Disk

by Carlos Butler

Most people might think that a car that rear-ends you has to be going fast to cause injuries, but a car that slowly rams into your car can also cause you to suffer a whiplash injury like a herniated disk. A chiropractor can create a treatment plan for your herniated disc that helps to minimize the impact the symptoms of the herniated disk are having on you. Here is how a chiropractor can treat a herniated disk in your cervical spine area.

Initial Treatment Process

Your chiropractor will have you lie down on your back on the treatment table so they can put a warm towel or a heating pad under the back of your neck for about 10 minutes – this helps relax the muscles around your cervical spine area. After your neck muscles have been warmed, the chiropractor will remove the towel and do a quick spinal adjustment on your cervical spine area. Your chiropractor will take your head in their hands and rotate it down toward your left shoulder. They will then rotate your head so they can bend it down to your right shoulder. This is done to loosen up the muscles in your neck.

Spinal Decompression

You will transfer from the treatment table to the spinal decompression machine where you'll lie on your back again and rest in your head between two padded cushions. The cushions will hook around your lower jaws to hold your head in place as the spinal decompression machine stretches your cervical spine. Stretching your spine takes pressure off of the herniated spinal disk in your neck. Stretching also allows the gel-like substance that makes up the spinal disk to move back into its original position to reduce the pressure on surrounding tissue and nerves that is causing your pain and discomfort. The machine will stretch your neck back and forth for about roughly 20 to 30 minutes. The stretching process helps water, nutrients, and oxygen reach the disk to help it heal. 

Exercising The Neck

You chiropractor should have a resistance machine that you can use to exercise your neck whenever you come in for therapy. You place your head on a pad on the machine and push your head backwards against a large curved metal spring on the machine. This resistance exercise helps to strengthen the muscles in your cervical spine area.

Some people do not realize they've suffered a herniated disk in a car accident until a couple of weeks after the accident. If you start to feel headaches, dizziness, or experience pain and numbness along your neck, shoulder, and arm after an accident, you should call your chiropractor, like Eric Schmetterling DC, so they can start developing a treatment plan for you right away.