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3 Ways To Unwind For Your Massage Appointment

by Carlos Butler

Whether you've booked a massage appointment to address some aches and pains in your body or you're just looking for a way to unwind after a hectic week, you're in luck. Regular massage sessions can be an effective way to battle the stresses of everyday life, provided you allow yourself to really relax. Although your therapist might occasionally check in with you if he or she notices that your body feels tense, take ownership over the situation by committing to deep relaxation before you even get on the table. Doing so helps you maximize the session and feel like a new person in just an hour.

Start Early

Don't speed through traffic to your massage appointment while you engage in a heated discussion on the phone with a colleague. Use the trip to the clinic as an opportunity to do a little pre-relaxing. Turn off your mobile device, listen to some classical music or enjoy the silence. Make sure to leave in plenty of time so you don't have to stress if the traffic is heavy. Really commit to pre-relaxing by downloading some spa-style music or nature sounds and playing them softly in your car. If light traffic allows you to reach the clinic with significant time to spare, take a slow walk through the neighborhood before your appointment.


Remembering to breathe sounds overly simple, but it's easy for a tense body to restrict its airflow. Don't be embarrassed about making deep, exaggerated breaths, groans and sighs when you're on the table; some therapists even encourage patients to breathe at specific points of the session to promote relaxation. Being conscious of your breath is a simple way to relax your mind; when you're fully focused on the process of taking a deep breath in, holding it for a few seconds and then gently exhaling it, it's difficult to think about your upcoming business meeting or the argument you had with your teenager.

Change The Music

Relaxing music is a prominent element in virtually every massage session, but given that enjoyment of music is in the eye of the beholder, there's a chance the particular songs might not appeal to you. Don't suffer through them and think about how they're stressing you out. Don't be shy about asking your therapist to change the music, turn it down or even turn it off. If you've found a particular album that makes you feel relaxed at home, take it to the appointment. Many therapists are open to clients providing their own music.