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Three Ways To Keep Feeling Relaxed After You Leave Your Massage Appointment

by Carlos Butler

Shortly after you climb onto your massage therapist's table to smell the pleasant aroma of essential oils, hear the gentle sounds of nature from the speakers and feel the experienced touch of the therapist's hands, your relaxation level will be about as high as it can get. When your massage wraps up, whether it's 30 minutes, an hour or even two hours later, there's no reason to think that your relaxed feeling should end. Sure, you have to climb off the table and return to your everyday life, but there are some useful ways to keep the relaxed vibe central to the hours that follow the treatment. Here are three ways to stay relaxed.

Schedule Time For Something Pleasurable

It might seem overly simplistic to think that there's value in scheduling time for something that you enjoy, but many people zip out the massage clinic's parking lot and quickly return to the stress and fast-paced nature of their daily life. Think of something low key that you'd enjoy, whether it's a stroll through your favorite art gallery, a trip to the library or curling up in your bed at home and grabbing a short nap. When you're brainstorming ideas, try to stay away from places that will be loud or boisterous or that are stressful to get to -- it's hard to be relaxed when you're fighting your way through traffic.

Visit Nature

Spending time in the great outdoors is a simple way to promote relaxation. After your massage, enjoying some fresh air can keep that good feeling going. The exact manner in which you enjoy nature depends on your interests. For some people, it will be a trip to a local botanical garden to stroll among the blooms. For others, a moderate-paced walk through the woods or grabbing a seat on a park bench and watching the water might be enticing. Regardless of how you spend time in nature, you can expect to feel relaxed.

Stay Away From Electronic Stimuli

Regardless of how you choose to spend your time after the massage, do your best to avoid areas in which there's a high degree of stimuli. This can mean that heading home and channel surfing isn't ideal, and neither is scrolling through your social media accounts on your smartphone to see what updates you missed during your massage. Excess use of electronics can cause stress, which is the last thing your body needs after a relaxing massage.