Seeing a Chiropractor: Finding Ways to Keep Your Pain Away

Spine Tips: A Back-Friendly Guide For Better Sleep

by Carlos Butler

Back pain can change the way you do everyday things, like sleeping. Yes, your back specialist is doing everything he or she can, but there a few things you can do on your own. The following guide will offer a few suggestions that can help your back and relieve some of the pain you feel.

Helpful Techniques

The best thing you can do for your back as you sleep is relieve the pressure your body is causing, and the following techniques should help you do that:

Side Sleep

  • Lie on your side with a pillow under your head; make sure it is not too high or too low.
  • Place a pillow in between your knees to completely straighten your body as you sleep.
  • Roll up a towel, and place it under the curve of your back.

Neutral Sleep

  • Lay on your back using the pillow mentioned earlier.
  • Place another pillow under your knees.
  • Roll up a towel, and place that under the same curve on your back.

There are a few other techniques that may be specific to the area where you feel your pain, which your back specialist can help you with.

You should also consider purchasing a new bed if your bed is old, as older beds are sunken in due to use. This effect makes it harder for your back to realign itself and relieve stress, even if you employ the aforementioned techniques. A recent study actually found that newer beds may help relieve back pain and improve sleep quality.

Opt For A Firm Bed

The next thing to consider is sleeping on a stiff bed. You can purchase a new bed that has different settings to make the surface firmer, or you can purchase a natural type of bed, like a petate. Petate's are handwoven, natural mattresses made from dried fibers from palm trees that are native to Latin America. There are other types of natural beds, like mattresses made from horsetail or hey, that could also be helpful.

There are a few reasons you should consider switching to a bed with a hard surface, which are the following:

  1. The force of gravity pushes your back towards the floor, but the curve of your buttocks and the top of your back holds the position in neutral. This gives your back an opportunity to be in its optimal state throughout the night.
  2. Your back will be supported. As your lungs expand and contract when you breath, this will give your back a subtle massage. This also helps your spine, muscles, joints, and other tissues make adjustments to heal your back.

As you can see, the right sleep positions and the right bed can be helpful. Remember that these suggestions do not replace your chiropractor's advice.

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